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7 proven ways to stop excessive sweating!

There are many ways to stop excessive sweating and here you’re going to find 7 of them! So if you don’t find anything that worked for you thus far, chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Your best bet is to try a combination of these, if you want to see some notable results.

1. coffee and sugar

Out of all the ways to stop this excessive sweating is probably one of the greatest. Everyone in society today is drinking coffee and plenty of it. What is that it is rich in caffeine and sugar, both of which increase anxiety and sweating. Cut the drink coffee!

2. Alcohol

Alcohol tends to dilate blood vessels and in doing so, it increases your body temperature. An increase in body temperature means increased sweating, so watch your alcohol consumption.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes are a natural way to stop excessive sweating. Simply cut one open and rub the inside of it on underarms, don’t ask how, but it works!

4. Coal

It is not just good for the barbecue, but if you try to eat this on an empty stomach you can see results in as little as two days.

5. wheat grass

This is very high in many forms of vitamin B, which has been shown to help those who sweat excessively. Try to drink a glass of this one day.

6. water

cold water can help reduce body temperature and reduce the sweating. The purpose of sweating is to regulate the temperature of our body, but if we help to drink plenty of cold water, we will be able to reduce the need for our body to sweat.

7. spicy foods

Cut spicy foods in your diet and you will not be stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. Have you ever noticed how your body reacts when you eat something extremely spicy? Notice how it tends to heat up a bit? Your sympathetic nerves react to this stimulus reporting your glands to secrete more sweat.

One of these 7 ways to stop excessive sweating is working for you, try them all out though. If you find that you’re not reducing sweating as you wish though, don’t worry, there are other options.

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